6 MORE Rules Beginners Get Wrong in Shadespire

In this video, I give you six more rules that beginners to Shadespire often get wrong Hi folks welcome back to the channel, So my last video on the six rules that beginners often get wrong in Shadespire seemed to go down really well, so I thought I’d come Back with six more rules, If this is your first time here, thank you very much for watching. Why not click the subscribe button to make sure you don’t miss an upload from me and you get more Shadespire content “, Placing Down the Objective Tiles” When laying down the objective tiles. The last objective tile can be placed on an outside hex. This is only an option with the last objective tile to be placed “ Line of Sight”. You can charge a fighter without line-of-sight.

To them. Charge is a special action that allows you to make a move action, followed by an attack action with a single fighter. The line-of-sight element is only required for the attack part of the charge action and not the movement “ Actions after Charging” a fighter that charges cannot be activated again for the remainder of the phase. This means they can’t go on guard or use any actions on their card.

This is especially relevant for fighters like the Sepulchral Guard Warden. If his first action is to charge, he can then not use the actions on his card to bring back dead models in that round. “ Playing Two Reaction: Cards” when two players both play a reaction card at the same time due to a trigger happening.

The player whose activation is next takes precedence in the order. These reactions are resolved. If it’s the last activation of the round the player. That would be next if they had been a fifth activation, takes precedence, “, Wiping out a Warband”. If a warband is completely wiped out, you still play until the end of the game. Even if this has happened in round one objective cards.

Allow you to score at the end of each round and both players should have the opportunity to score them. “ Score Immediately: Objective Cards”. If you score an objective card during an action phase, for example, this card Reaper, you score the glory points and then draw another objective card.

However, if you then draw another objective card which could be immediately such as skills unforgotten, you can’t score this extra one. You must wait for the trigger to happen again in another activation, so there we have it folks, six more rules that maybe don’t come up that often, but when they do you’ll be prepared to know exactly how to play them. If you like this video, please leave a little thumbs up down below, don’t forget to subscribe and click the little Bell notification, and thank you very much for watching I’ll, see you in the next video you